Scarecrows – Feature Film

In August of 2016 I got to shoot my second feature with 5’7 Films and Breakthrough Entertainment called ‘Scarecrows’.  Directed by Stu Stone and Produced by Adam Rodness, the film follows a group young adults who unwittingly trespass on a farmers land, unbeknown to them that the farmer really doesn’t like trespassers!  They end up falling victim to the sadistic farmer and his son, who likes to sow their mouths shut and places them in his cornfields as ‘Scarecrows’.

We shot the film just on the outskirts of the city of Toronto.  Our primary location was just north of the Toronto Zoo.  “Farmer John’s” property served as many locations that suited the script, especially the cornfield.  Our other location was about 20 mins north in the town of Goodwood, just a few mins away from Uxbridge, Ontario.  We had 2 locations there, one being our ‘swimming hole’ and the other being the interior of our barn, nicknamed the ‘killroom’.  Special thanks to my friend Andy “Sparky” Jenkins for introducing us to Rob Dines, the owner of the interior barn location, and for his son Andy Dines who played a small role in the film as well.  Rob Dines property is also used in the TV show Schitt’s Creek.

As was the case on our first collaboration “The Haunted House on Kirby Road”, I also had a role as co-producer on this film.  We shot the film in 15 days and the shoot was a great success.  I am currently working with 5’7 films to develop 3 more films which will be shot in the near future.  Scarecrows will be released sometime soon, in spring of 2017.