Luna Li – Star Stuff Music Video

Over the last several years I have been lucky enough to work with a great DP named Mike McMurray csc.  I’ve been his DIT on several big tv shows and he’s become a good friend and mentor.  He originally called me to help him shoot this music video, but due to his schedule, he couldn’t be there on the shoot date, essentially handing over the job to me!  Thanks Mike!

We shot this music video at Pie in the Sky Studios in the first week of January 2017.  ‘Star Stuff’ by Luna Li was directed by Hallie Switzer.  We spent a few hours the day before rigging all the lights and shot the video in a 9 hour shoot day.  It’s a very catchy song, and Luna had a choreographed dance with 5 other dancers that brought a lot of energy to the shoot.

Special thanks to the Sauder family (Tim, Adam, Braden and Mom!), for helping out on the production.  Tim rigged the lights, Adam worked the dimmer board, Braden produced and Mom made amazing food!  Also wanna thank Rudy Mammitzsch for lending us his Easyrig which made life, well, Easy on that day!

The video is now completed and we will be doing the color timing very soon.  The video will be on my website once it’s been released.  Great work Hallie!