Bloodslinger – Feature Film

In May 2017 I worked with Director Chris Power and Producer Albert Xhaferri of Crowntown Pictures on their upcoming feature release Bloodslinger. We shot the film in Newcastle, Ontario, on a standing “Wild West” film set named Docville. The location gets it’s name from the owner Steve “Doc” Holliday, who is a ancestor to the famous gunslinger John Henry “Doc” Holliday, an associate of Wyatt Earp.

The entire film was shot at this location. The film is a bit of a mishmash of genres. It’s a modern day horror centered around a character named Billy Bloodslinger and the mysterious curse surrounding his stolen gold. The story is told using a series of flashbacks to the days when the Bloodlslinger was alive, circa 1880. All the flashbacks were made possible by making use of all of Docville’s authentic sets and props.

I got a chance to work with a fantastic and dedicated cast and crew, whom I hope to work with again in the near future. One of our highlights was a chance to work with a veteran actor named Robert Miano, who is know for his role of Sunny Red in Donnie Brasco. The film was a challenging yet rewarding experience. Special thanks as always goes to my Gaffer Matt Witty and Key Grip Greg Baldin who have worked with me on a few films now, as well as my camera team. Focus Puller – Dan Glegg, 2nd AC/DMT – Sarah Simone and Trainee – Karan Boparia.