Marc has been working in Toronto’s film industry for over 15 years and posses a diverse background and level of experience in all aspects of film making.  It was his first day on set after attending film school when he became fascinated with cinematography, and that fascination has been with him ever since.

Marc believes that the visuals are driven by the story or creative treatment.  He’s committed to the script first and foremost and has a diligent approach to researching all projects he shoots.  With an ardent sense for storytelling, he’s adaptable with his image making and brings a vigorous work ethic to any production.

He’s been lucky enough to have traveled often for work and has developed a passion for travel in his off time.  He was born and raised in a French Canadian family and still speak it fluently to this day.  He also has a very basic conversational knowledge of Spanish and is always improving.  Besides travel, he has a passion for food and cooking, keeps physically fit with intense exercise, is an avid reader and cyclist.

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